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MR-S Front Sway Bar Reinforcements


•SpeedSage exclusive design
•May be necessary to scrape away some OEM seam sealer from under the sway bar bracket, so that the reinforcement to sit flush against the chassis
•Options for either stock U-bracket bushings or SpeedSage Delrin Bushing Blocks
•Prevents the thin sheet metal of the sway bar brackets from flexing vertically during cornering, with enough flexing the bracket can fatigue and break (think of flexing a paper clip back and forth)
•Becomes necessary with thicker sway bars, even a 2-3mm increase in sway bar diameter increases the bar's roll stiffness by up to 50%, the thickest sway bars available are up to 500% stiffer than stock (ask me to explain the math, it's actually quite fun)
•SCCA Stock and C-Street Prepared (CSP) legal

•$5 flat rate shipping for entire site order

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