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NA/NB Miata Front Delrin Sway Bar Bushing Blocks

$65.00 - $165.00

•SpeedSage exclusive design
•Sway Bar Bushing Blocks replace both the rubber bushing and metal bracket with hard but slippery Delrin
•Increases effectiveness of sway bar by reducing bushing compliance and stiction
•Custom bored as a matched set to the specific size of your sway bars, held to tight tolerance. DM, email, or include a message with your order specifying your custom size
•Engraved to indicate custom size and to specify which blocks belong to matched set (e.g. passenger side labeled "20 mm" drivers side "mm 20") to avoid mix-ups
•Optional zerk (grease) fittings and internal grease channels

•Not compatible with Racing Beat sway bar reinforcement blocks, but is compatible with AWR reinforced sway bar brackets.
•SpeedSage designed sway bar supports are an available upgrade.

•$5 flat rate shipping for entire site order

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