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IACV Block-off for NB Miata and Skunk2 (DIY Keychain kit)


•Sold as DIY Keychain kit, illegal for use on public roads, off-road use only

•Works for either NA or NB versions of Skunk2 Throttle Body
•2xM6 screws included
•Recommended installation is to seal with "Ultra Black" RTV or similar FIPG

•Drill 5mm hole out to 7mm (1/4”) for NB throttle body
•Drill 1/8" hole out to 1/4" (7mm) for Skunk2 throttle body
•Can be drilled before shipping if requested at no charge, send an email or DM specifying which hole when you place your order

•$5 flat rate shipping for entire site order

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